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Dancing, Zoos and Babysitting

On Sunday, I babysat, an energetic, dinosaur loving eight-year-old boy. Next week, me and my Girlfriend will be going to a Dancing class for the second time (hopefully it wont be as disastrous as the last!). And once the weather starts perking up again in March, I plan on going back to Peak Wildlife Park (okay, not quite a zoo, but its better!).

I’m telling you all this because I work, a lot. But this year, i’m also putting in extra effort to live my life. I’m young, I’ve a lot to learn and Life isn’t JUST about work. its about those you share it with. its about new experiences. And its about growing as a person.

At least, for me it is.

Moreover, as a creative, it’s sooooo important to live you’re life, experience new things, meet – or at the very least, observe – new people. Jake Parker calls it ‘Filling your Creative Bank Account’. I think that’s absolutely right.

That 8 year old i babysit? He’s full of ideas! because hes a kid!

That dancing class? there’s quite a few character inspirations in it, I can tell ya.

And the wildlife park? Look, if I have to tell you the benefits for an Illustrator, of watching ‘wild’ animals up close…  You get my point.

Mastering your craft, getting new clients and working till your eyes bleed is all well and good. But when you’re battling creative block and cant think of anything new to create. It’ll be because you’re not living enough.



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