Freelancing, Starting Out

It’s not just drawing

This is your friendly reality check, that freelancing, fun as it is, ain’t all sketching and rainbows.

I work a lot. Freelancing is not a 9-5. Its a 6-11 and it’s not just a case of drawing all day every day. (I wish!)

There’s practicing and improving your skills, approaching and pitching to prospective clients, sending invoices, a LOT of written back and fourth for ideas and clarification.

I’d say currently, only half my day is drawing!

Then there’s getting myself known, growing an online presence. Physically going out and approaching prospective clients and checking in with past clients, to maintain a good relationship with them. There’s so much of this, having to build relationships and skillfully side-stepping potential conflicts.

A lot of work goes unpaid, especially in the beginning. That’s one of the reasons Freelancers such charge ‘high’ rates. But I’m way happier, more satisfied, and feel as though I am developing myself as a person far faster than I was a year ago.

I may not be carefree, but I’m Happy.




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