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Stephen Silver

This is your friendly neighborhood blog post, gushing about an artist like a fanboy. Please come back on Friday for your regularly scheduled blogging.

Jeez, I love Stephen Silvers’ work. 

Stephen who?

Only the guy who designed the characters in Kim Possible, Danny Phantom and worked on Fairly Odd Parents!

But its not just his work in animation that make me such a fan of his.

He creates a YouTube video every week about being an artist. He’ll sit and talk for 10-20 minutes about whatever hes thinking about \at the time or is relevant to current events and he’ll talk about the mindset, the journey of the artist, and bring up philosophical quotes or a poem that relates to the topic.

He doesn’t just make videos every week about character design, he relates being an artist to living and Its unbelievably refreshing. I enjoy his Monday Morning Art Talks, and often look forward to seeing them posted.

I encourage you to take a look at his channel, if you like having people talk about art while you work (as I do), or would like some honest insights from a pro.

He has also written a book on Character Design.

The Ultimate Guide to Character Design with Stephen Silver: Techniques, Tips, and Tutorials for Drawing Effective Characters

I highly recommend it! It’s really insightful and every time I read it and do some of the exercises in the book I feel I make a little breakthrough. It’s really helpful and in-depth.


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