Starting Out

Who did I use for my Business Cards? My top choice for Business cards.

Here’s why


‘So what’, I hear you think to yourself – don’t pretend you didn’t!

You don’t understand.

This is AWESOME.

First of all, it makes a great conversation piece. Maybe someone wants to take a few, since they cant pick their favourite character design, (or in my case, favourite pose). They ask where you got them printed and next thing you know you’re getting their e-mail to send them a cheeky discount code. 🙂

Maybe they go away with 5, and end up giving a few out themselves because they thought you were so damn awesome. I kid, I kid. Or maybe it just makes a potential client remember you as the guy with a billion different business cards to choose from!

Being remembered is important. If you’re forgotten, you’re not hired.

Moreover. If you can create a splurge of Dopamine in their brains by turning the monotony of ‘Here’s my card’ into a nostalgia trip of ‘pick a card! any card!’, they’re actually more likely to like you. Link them spending time with you, to dopamine/Seretonin/oxytocin and people literally become addicted to you (that’s how charisma works, in a nutshell).

Its just science People love when their day has something different. when someone goes off the regular social script, they become memorable and likable. and who doesn’t want that?

Be Addictive.


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