Freelancing, Mindset, Starting Out

Why did you decide to go freelance?

Because I’m young, and wanted to be able to pivot my career at any point instead of being tied to one thing for the rest of my life.

I’ve gone through Phases, as we all do. obsessions with Pokemon, YuGiOh cards, Yo-Yos (ask me to do a trick anytime!) Manga, Martial Arts, Dinosaurs, Motorbikes, Boxing, Music, Dragonball. I’ve probably had at least one major obsession for each year i’ve been alive.

Very few things remain the same. I like to create, I like fighting and I like to draw.

Aside from that, my interests will switch dramatically from one full blown obsession to the next.

I want to use this to my advantage and be able to move around in the creative sector throughout my life, depending on what i’m interested in at that moment. Or where things are taking me.

Being tied to one topic and marrying it for life does not appeal to me, there are so many things i want to do in this short life, I just couldn’t remain where I was.

Among my aspirations are;

  • To release my own product
  • Illustrate and write my own children’s book
  • Create a web-comic with an author
  • Mascot marketing for small to medium businesses
  • Design Characters for an animated show

Animation can be very satisfying, but I was drifting away from it, the more illustration and character design I did for Clients. My interest has switched, and I’m happy doing what i’m doing right now.



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