Creative, Mindset

Creative Block

Sorry in advance. This is probably going to upset a lot of people.

‘I just don’t have any inspiration to create at the moment’

‘I’m having a creative block, so I haven’t drawn in a while’

‘It’s hard when i don’t have any ideas’

I hear this a lot. See it talked about on social media. but i just cant quite grasp it.

it seems many creatives think that not knowing what to draw/having amazingly creative ideas is a reason not to draw. to not create.

…But… you’re ‘a creative’.

It’s meant to be what you do…

I’m not saying you should be creating things 24/7, but if  your dream is to be an illustrator, and its been 3 days since you last drew anything, I have some bad news for you.

let me put it like this.

I do get this ‘creative block’ where I might struggle with ‘new’ ideas to draw. but it has never, I repeat, NEVER, resulted in me not drawing that day/week/hour.

There’s a simple answer I have for anyone who says the ‘cant draw because of creative block.


There is no way that you are so amazingly -sent from heaven above- talented that there isn’t an aspect of your art that could be improved upon.

Whether its circles, line-work, proportions, drawing through famous characters, copying your favourite artists. The list of exercises to improve your art skills are endless. pick a practice exercise or a new skill to learn and get going. you don’t need creativity to copy a picture of Mickey Mouse, or to finally get around to understanding two point perspective (hint: It’s easier than it looks). Just start.

The best part, even if you don’t come out of that creative rutt for two weeks, you’ll have spent plenty of time developing a new skill or practicing one you long abandoned, that when it comes back (and it’ll come back quicker than you expect) your artwork will level up, and all your hard-work will have payed off.




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