Freelancing, Starting Out

How the hell do I get Freelance Work?

Here’s a blog post that might actually be useful. How do I get or find work?

There are several ways an illustrator might get paid work. Online freelancer sites, Social Media, Word of Mouth, etc.

I’m going to address those that I’ve gotten work from so far and how well they’ve turned out.

Online Freelancer Sites

These are competitive, there’s a bunch of other freelancers, often better than you and many of them are willing to undercut your price due to it being an international platform ($10 to someone in morocco is worth a lot more to someone in the US)

Nonetheless it can be a great place to start, to get used to working with different clients and learning when to say ‘NO’.

Don’t expect to make a reasonable wage here, especially on Fiverr.

Friends and Family

I’ve Had a few gigs here and there for or sourced by, family. My experience has been that they are usually small jobs, but work is work! And its usually pretty fun stuff.

Social Media

My first ever Client, contacted me through Instagram. Completely out of the blue, I had started the account a few months prior, as I knew it’d be a good place to show off what I made in the future, but didn’t expect anything like people wanting me to work for them for a good few years!

It was A great experience and I’ve had more work through Social Media since, but I don’t think it was JUST me putting my doodles out there that attracted the other Clients.

Work for Free

This Has led to some good stuff for me. I’ve done free work for a few people on Instagram in exchange for exposure, and If you know what to look for in ‘who to give freebies to’, It can really pay off!

Word of Mouth

This is last for a reason. I’ve had the least amount of leads through this, but I don’t want to discredit it! I believe the reason I’ve personally not had so many leads, it because I don’t get out and try to talk to people enough.

I’m certain that this is an effective method for sourcing clients, talk to people, let them know what you’re up to, and they’ll think of you when someone mentions that they need _______.


There it is. My list of how I’ve gotten clients so far. Perhaps I’ll do an update on this in a few months, or a year.




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