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My Book is Out!


My very first children’s’ book is finally available! This is my first book as an Illustrator, I’m super excited about it!

Detective Bella Unleashed – The Case of False Blame is out now on Amazon. It’s available on Kindle, Audible and in Paperback.

I’ve been working on this Kids Chapter Book since January (Here’s the blog post where I announced it) with the inspiring Otakara Klettke, and it has been an absolute pleasure!

Its not easy to make a kids book, and with this being my first (of many I hope!) I had a lot to learn about drawing for books. It’s been an awesome journey and I’m so glad to have something to show for it!

I’m excited to get deeper into this world of kids books and really push myself to become the best Illustrator I possibly can!

Here’s to developing my skills and the next one being even better!

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